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What is Youth TimeBanking (YTB) ?

Youth TimeBanking (YTB) is a 501(c)(3) virtual nonprofit—a youth-adult program of service activities designed to empower young individuals and foster their personal development through a TimeBanking system. Unlike traditional volunteering, TimeBanking empowers young people to engage in reciprocal exchanges of services within their communitiesYTB is a system where youth earn time credits by leading and contributing to community projects, or providing services such as tutoring, mentoring, or organizing events. These credits qualify the youth for training, resources, and opportunities for social, digital, and educational inclusion.

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TimeBanking (TB)
Youth TimeBanking (YTB)
Age range
Less than ten percent of members are youth.
Mostly high school age and above.
One-to-one service activity is common.
Youth-led projects and activities.
Time, resources, opportunities, in-kind donations.
Time credit
One hour or more is common.
15-to-30-minute increments.
Web site application.
YTB mobile app.
Hours, members, exchanges.
Hours, members, projects, activities.
Self-reports on friendships, trust, networking.
Social connections, check-in data to track Strengths-Needs.
Community stories of meaningful connections.
Improved literacy, digital inclusion, community development.
Member Offers
Service provided to another TB member.
Project or service for individual, group, school, or organization.
Member Requests
Service received from another TB member.
Service, resources, opportunities, in-kind donations.
Adults are responsible for their own safety.
YTB Coordinators provide support. Activities are done in groups and-or remotely and-or virtually.

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Why TimeBanking?

YTB operates on the principle of using time as currency. Youth earn credits for their service contributions, which can then be redeemed for various items such as school supplies, sports gear, cell phone minutes, or even a supermarket gift card. Under the supervision of their parent or guardian, youth have the opportunity to exchange their YTB credits reciprocally for services they need, such as transportation, covering expenses for field trips, or receiving lessons in areas they wish to explore further. YTB not only encourages youth to engage in meaningful service but also promotes a culture of mutual support and empowerment within the community.

Unlike traditional volunteering, where youth typically offer their time to support causes or organizations, TimeBanking empowers young people to engage in reciprocal exchanges of services within their communities. In TimeBanking, youth contribute their skills, talents, and time to assist others, while also receiving assistance or services in return, fostering a sense of mutual aid and interdependence. YTB provides opportunities for marginalized youth and changes the their odds of success.

How is it different from traditional volunteering?

What is TimeBanking?

TimeBanking is a system of service exchange that uses time as currency. YTB (Youth ARE) operates on the same principle, allowing youth to earn credits for their service contributions. YTB offers options for youth to apply their time credits towards services, in-kind donations, and involvement with programs that support their vision. These credits can also be redeemed for various resources and tools, including crochet hooks, yarns, books, games, transportation, training, snacks, technology use, online and live-virtual training with international instructors, and more.


The more youth participate in YTB, the more good things that happen they continue to develop their vision and have additional opportunities for meeting people, going places, and engaging in activities they may not have otherwise experienced!

Impact Stories

See how youth leaders gain a bigger support team, a greater awareness of local businesses and organizations, and more experience working on project teams and using physical and digital tools. Youth ARE: Assets, Resources, Energy for connected community.

Victoria, a 17-year-old high school student, is showing other youth how to play chess. She is helping others by being a cross-age instructor. She is receiving transportation into town to shop for the chess board and having use of the chess board herself. She oversees the project to manage who can borrow the learning games. She enjoys that and is developing strengths with sharper critical thinking, strategic thinking, interpersonal skills, negotiating the demands of others, and explaining concepts involved with chess.


Kalea, a senior college student, was our YTB PhotoVoice coach during the three-session series. Kalea learned about YTB and helped with testing the YTB app. During her six weeks of time contributing to YTB we have had a win-win experience of meeting people and learning new things that we will use going forward


Ryan, an artist, and industrial designer taught himself techniques in sculpture and welding during Covid-19. Recently, he started a project called “Give A Hand Uganda (GAHU)” inspired by his experience with YTB. Ryan is giving a hand to fellow youth by teaching them skills with welding and sculpture. YTB is supporting Ryan’s outreach by providing tools and safety equipment. Ryan has been creating a positive upward spiral of training and experiential learning for himself and others in his community. 


How is YTB different from traditional volunteering? 

Unlike traditional volunteering, TimeBanking empowers young people to engage in reciprocal exchanges of services within their communities. Through the TimeBanking system, YTB allows youth to contribute their skills, talents, and time to assist others, while also receiving assistance or services in return, fostering a sense of mutual aid and interdependence. Over time, this approach fosters stronger relationships, trust, and a sense of belonging in various aspects of life, from school to the global community.

See how YTB makes a predictable difference and an impact over time.

Within a week

Youth will get an orientation to YTB and see what others are doing and possibly participate in one activity or training session

Within a month

Youth will start to develop their vision for community improvement. They will start to learn that building resources - people, places, things - can help a lot. Their confidence grows!

1-3 months

Youth will select a project that matters to them. They will participate in some virtual meetings, a training. This is where things start to get fun and exciting. YTB Coaches are supporting their projects and helping them get some supplies to make it happen.

4-6 months

Youth may get involved with cross-age training to help others learn a new skill or get involved with YTB.

7-12 months

Youth may get involved with managing a small budget to obtain supplies and resources for their projects  - tools they need or transportation.

12+ months

Youth may get involved with YTB operations or become a community liaison. They might co-host some YTB virtual events and meet people in other countries or be part of YTB podcast.

YTB's Project Themes: CALM


Activities are service-oriented involving others, the environment, and animal care


Youth serve: Community gardening, socks-soaps collection, recovery support...

Receive resources: shipping costs, seeds, tools, composting kits, garden frames...


Activities involve the use of technology for good

Youth design: Logo, video editing, community apps, digital navigators...

Receive resources: Adobe software, digital inclusion, cameras, reproduction...


Activities develop community literacy and advocacy

Youth learn: YTB LinkedIn, Global Writers, animal care, digital literacy, interviews...

Receive resources: Little Free Library, books, projector, screen, batteries...


Activities are hands-on and inspire community engagement

Youth build: Bracelets, scarves, imprinting, community art, rock painting...

Receive resources: Crochet hooks, Cutting machine, heat press, vinyl, yarn-needles, acrylic...

Explore our Youth Projects!

These opportunities help youth develop strengths and experience something bigger than themselves. They take on roles – individual or team – facilitating online sessions, building stories, completing activities, providing
service; forming peer-to-peer, near-peer, youth-adult, and intergenerational relationships.

Help Support our Youth Projects

Every dollar raised goes directly into funding youth projects! We deeply appreciate every donation, in-kind contribution, and every individual supporting our mission.

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