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  • YTB Crochet Video
    YTB Crochet Video - The items in the video were made by middle school and high school students in rural communities in Central Uganda. Youth received yarn, hooks, and instruction by adults in their community. YTB Community Crochet is an example of a youth-adult partnership. They are weaving the world with a connection with crocheters who are part of a TimeBank and Refugee Initiative in Tampa, Florida.
  • YTB Community CALM
    Youth TimeBanking Community CALM - Care, Apps, Learn, Make for Community. Peer-to-Peer, Cross-Age, Youth-Adult Co-Production for positive youth-community development.
  • YTB International TimeBanking Day
    This video was prepared for International TimeBanking Day 2023 by youth at a middle school in Central Uganda.
  • What are some examples of Co-production
    Youth TimeBanking (YTB) and Youth Court (YC) are two examples of co-production. With both YTB and YC, youth are recognized as critical resources in youth-adult partnerships to address critical community and societal needs. Participants in YTB and YC build a bigger community. The also build strengths, address unmet needs, and increase social and community connections. Ideally, YTB and YC expand social-digital-educational inclusion.
  • What is Youth ARE?
    Youth ARE stands for Youth Assets, Resources, Energy. Youth ARE brings emphasizes the importance of involving youth in addressing challenges in schools and communities. People who are affected by rules and polices should be involved with designing, developing, and delivering those rules and policies. This approach of involving everyone affected is the basis of co-production.
  • Where is Youth ARE active?
    Youth ARE projects and activities are informally organized in Tampa and St Pete, Florida; Southbury, CT, areas in New Jersey; and in Sub-Saharan Africa in Yaoundé, Cameroon, Central Uganda, and Western Kenya.
  • 2024-01-14 Resources 4 Recovery
  • Youth ARE video on Reproductive Rights
    World KNOWS HER2 stands for World, Know your Needs, Options, & Workable Solutions for Health Education & Reproductive Rights.
  • 2024-02-18 Youth Humanitarians Meet
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