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Social Digital Inclusion

Youth leaders and changemakers tell us that for them to make stronger progress towards their vision for connected community they need our help to remove barriers to Social-Digital-Educational Inclusion. Significant divides exist for youth who are neuro-diverse, youth with little to no technology access, and youth who are worried about whether they will be able to complete secondary level education. Solutions exist for removing barriers. We are challenged to decide if we have the will and commitment to work with youth on social-digital-educational inclusion. It is in our long-term best interest to have the will and commitment to bring opportunities to youth. YTB is doing a little bit.

Social-Digital-Educational Inclusion is part of the solution to get everyone involved to co-produce the best future possible. "If we use what we have we will have what we need."

Help Support our Youth Projects

All proceeds directly support our youth projects!

Your support empowers us to transform the lives of youth.

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