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Become a contributor to YouthARE

Inspire Youth Dreams

Your generous donation drives YouthARE's mission to empower youth, create positive change, and foster a sense of community.

Be a catalyst for transformation and help us build a brighter future.

Ad Hoc Options

• Subscribe to YTB's newsletter
• Follow YTB on social media: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram

• Help organize a youth event

• Join the Monthly "Chat On The Bench" virtual session with TimeBanks.Org on the 3rd Sunday of each month

• Attend one of the virtual sessions that celebrate International Timebanking Day each year during the third week of March

Fundraising, Events, Governance

• Help document policies for managing YTB projects

• Help with fundraising events, online promotions, vehicle donations, donor advised funds

•  YTB has a small team of Board members who meet online each month. Board members offer their expertise on projects, strategy, fundraising, and governance

• Individuals typically join for one or more years and contribute a few hours of time each week


• Help with photo or video editing

• Advise on a youth podcast

• Help implement new features on Wix Studio

• Help with graphic design and animations

Help with image design for future micro-learning modules

Content Creation

Help with writing-editing an annual report

Help with creating online training

Offer to be a correspondent with youth in Africa

Help organize youth videos into training modules for crochet and other art projects

Ways to Get Involved

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