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Empowering youth through youth-led projects, fostering partnerships, and earning rewards for positive change.

YTB (Youth ARE)'s Impact







YTB (Youth ARE) RVD:
Resource and Vision Development

Resources include People, Place, and Things. Vision is what you care about and how you want to make a difference.

People you meet that you can trust

Places you go and learn more about

Things you do with more skill

Vision is a picture of a desired future that youth want to create. Having a vision keeps youth connected and interested in improving their community. Sharing a vision strengthens community.

Shared Vision

Confidence, optimism, talents-interests, skills-abilities; Continuum of cross-age youth training; capability of storytelling and use of PhotoVoice method for community change.

Increased Strengths

People (a larger team), Places (greater community awareness of place), Things (experience using tools and equipment).

Increased Resources

The networks of relationships among people who live and work in a community, enabling that community to function effectively. A Bigger Community. Trust, care, concern, Mutual aid, youth engagement – all of which should lead to reduced social isolation, depression, substance use.

Increased Social Capital

Literacy, Self-Advocacy; lifelong learning; Youth leadership, Community Co-Production, potential for Collective Action, Connected Community.

Social-Digital-Educational Inclusion

Peer connections in other countries; peer-to-peer / near-peer / cross-age / youth-adult / intergenerational / international/ cross-cultural relationships.

International Networking

Impact Areas

See how YTB makes a predictable difference and an impact over time

Within a week

Youth will get an orientation to YTB and see what others are doing and possibly participate in one activity or training session

Within a month

Youth will start to develop their vision for community improvement. They will start to learn that building resources - people, places, things - can help a lot. Their confidence grows!

1-3 months

Youth will select a project that matters to them. They will participate in some virtual meetings, a training. This is where things start to get fun and exciting. YTB Coaches are supporting their projects and helping them get some supplies to make it happen.

4-6 months

Youth may get involved with cross-age training to help others learn a new skill or get involved with YTB.

7-12 months

Youth may get involved with managing a small budget to obtain supplies and resources for their projects  - tools they need or transportation.

12+ months

Youth may get involved with YTB operations or become a community liaison. They might co-host some YTB virtual events and meet people in other countries or be part of YTB podcast.

 YTB (Youth ARE) is making a meaningful impact by providing digital inclusion opportunities for 10 youth in YTB Kisubi and approximately 10 in YTB Yaoundé. Through these efforts, we aim to bridge the digital divide, equipping young minds with essential digital skills for a brighter future.

Digital Inclusion Efforts

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