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qualKit: Photovoice
FSN Network
Photovoice is a participatory photography activity to understand diverse experiences and to advocate for change. Photovoice can empower participants and allow teams to see things through ‘new lenses’.
PhotoVoice Exhibits
South Park Library
South Park PhotoVoice presents "Change," an exhibit defining youth's ideas of Change and its impact in their daily lives and their community. Through the use of photography and creative writing, students identify the changes taking place in their lives and consider which of those changes they should encourage and those they should not.
This Is My Brave: Photovoice 2023
Mental Health Students/Faculty
University of South Florida
Photovoice is a participatory action research method that engages community stakeholders to photograph areas of strength and concern related to a health issue and then critically analyze in focus-group discussion how and why the health concern persists in their community, toward the goal of co-identifying opportunities for change and health improvement. For the Brave Takes project in conjunction with the This Is My Brave 2023 show on the USF campus, we are applying the Photovoice method to bring stories of mental illness and addiction into focus and to the attention of our campus community. The mission of Brave Takes is to empower USF students as well as faculty and staff to share their personal stories of recovery and visions for change while controlling their level of disclosure of their identity in public.
Photovoice Project
Food insecurity
West Virginia University
Picturing a Nourished Community: Strengthening Food Security in Appalachia with the Help of PhotoVoice By Laura Johnston, activist and member of the AppalFRESH (Appalachian Food Research for Equity, Sustainability, and Health) Collaborative. Exhibit:
Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR) Hub
Univeristy of California
YPAR is an innovative approach to positive youth and community development based in social justice principles in which young people are trained to conduct systematic research to improve their lives, their communities, and the institutions intended to serve them.
Teens document their communities
Community, Public Health
University of Michigan
University of Michigan shows teens documenting their public health concerns.
The Photovoice Hamilton Youth Project
Youth topics
Photovoice Hamilton
Shows the process video for the Photovoice youth program. The exhibition was held in November 2008. For more information and to view a selection of this year's photos, visit
Photo Voice Workshop: Picturing Our Places
Elementary school
A short documentary made about a project at an inner-city Toronto school in which young students were given a disposable camera to capture what they considered their environment. Images were taken by the children and they were interviewed about their reflections. Honestly in it's most uncynical form.
What Is Photovoice (animation)?
Scroll to bottom of page to play animation that explains photovoice.
Photovoice explanation
Caroline Wang
Explanation of the process, from the Photovoice website prepared by Caroline Wang.
Prevention Gets Visual
Sexual violence
NSVRC Evaluation Coordinator talks to collaborative partners from PhotoVoice Worldwide and local preventionists in Ohio that worked with the Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence in creating a culturally responsive and anti-violence centric toolkit on how to use Photovoice in sexual violence prevention work.
Let Me Show You ...
Let Me Show You What Keeps Me From Being Healthy - article with Photovoice exhibits: pictures with captions from dialogue.
Photovoice Research Platform
Photovoice Research platform
Josh Schacter Photography
Listing of close to 50 community-based media & storytelling organizations. Many are focused on youth, indgenous peoples, refugees, immigrants, underserved communities in US, Canada, East Africa
Adobe Corporate Responsibility
Elevating Diverse Voices. Everyone deserves the opportunity to create and make their voice heard. [Adobe] support creators of all ages and backgrounds so they can express themselves, use their creativity for good, and reach their full potential.
Implementing PV in your Community
Univeristy of Kansas
Implementing Photovoice in Your Community - Community Tool Box; Checklist, Examples ...
Race, ethnicity, gender identity and sexual orientation; Health
Health Share of Oregon
Through a “Photovoice” project, Health Share has worked to broaden awareness of our members’ lived experiences relevant to intersecting identities, including race, ethnicity, gender identity and sexual orientation. Using Photography, Photovoice amplifies the voice of these individuals who may otherwise be unheard and help shed light on health challenges and community strengths.
Health in my Hometown - A Youth Photovoice Project
Minnesota Department of Health
Students from 13 communities across the state were armed with Cameras and the mission to document their world with photograph to show the success and future possibilities. They were trained on the basics of photojournalism, then worked to document what was helping them stay healthy, and what was holding them back. They then captioned the photo's to tell a story of what's going on in their community. This project was funded by the Minnesota Department of Health and the CDC.
The Photovoice Project
Youth voice
Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium - ERLC
In response to the truth and reconciliation's call to action, the Photovoice Project was designed to create a unique opportunity for students to share their perceptions and comments of what health and well-being looks like through the eyes of First Nations, Métis and Inuit (FNMI) students. Alberta Regional Professional Development Consortia (ARPDC)
Photovoice: Concept, Methodology, and Use ...
Public Health
Wang C, Burris MA. Photovoice: Concept, Methodology, and Use for Participatory Needs Assessment. Health Education & Behavior. 1997;24(3):369-387.
Photovoice is a process by which people can identify, represent, and enhance their community through a specific photographic technique. As a practice based in the production of knowledge, photovoice has three main goals: (1) to enable people to record and reflect their community's strengths and concerns, (2) to promote critical dialogue and knowledge about important issues through large and small group discussion of photographs, and (3) to reach policymakers. Applying photovoice to public health promotion, the authors describe the methodology and analyze its value for participatory needs assessment. They discuss the development of the photovoice concept, advantages and disadvantages, key elements, participatory analysis, materials and resources, and implications for practice.
A Practical Guide To Photovoice
The Prairie Women’s Health Centre of Excellence
A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO PHOTOVOICE: SHARING PICTURES, TELLING STORIES AND CHANGING COMMUNITIES - The locations represented in this guide include the prairie region of Canada, the Saskatoon Housing Coalition, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Regina, Saskatchewan, and Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.
What is Photovoice?
Health, Welfare, Education, Opportunity, Security
Examples from locations: Framingham, Massachusetts, US; Youth Academy, Mdantsane, Eastern Cape, South Africa; Lexington, Massachusetts, US; Houston, Texas, US
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