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Youth TimeBanking (Youth ARE)

Youth TimeBanking (Youth ARE) fosters dynamic youth-adult partnerships, driving community development. Earn time credits, forge social connections, and access valuable resources by contributing to your community through TimeBanking.

PhotoVoice Training

PhotoVoice is the ethical use of photography in support of positive community development.

International TimeBanking Day

Each year, on or near March 23, YTB celebrates International TimeBanking Day with people across the world. We learn something new and are inspired by the ways people find to build community with TimeBanking. Join us for new ideas to Be The Change.

What is Youth TimeBanking?

YTB is a nonprofit Youth TimeBanking program that builds strengths & social connections with youth changemakers by providing training and resources for their community projects.

YTB is Opportunity

YTB offers opportunities to youth to pay it forward and "be the change" they want to see in their world and their communities. Through TimeBanking youth engage in giving their time and energy and receiving training and resources to create a community where their voices are heard.